Top tips for a winter wedding

Winter wedding tips

Winter is such a magical time of year, whether you are snuggling up in front of a cosy fire or going for a lovely stroll on a crisp morning. With these things in mind, a wedding at this time of year can be amazing and give you the most wonderful day you have always dreamed of. I should know as I got married at the end of November a few years ago and neither of us regret our winter choice! It was cold…but it was sunny, crisp and enjoyed by everyone who shared it with us.

So you know a little bit about myself, I have filmed weddings for 18 years now, I started out being a second shooter when I was only 18. I have over the years gained enough experience to be running my own production company filming weddings and I also work within the media industry filming commercials, product films and live events. Taking this all into account, I want to share some of my top winter tips that I have learnt from personal and professional experiences.



Always consider the colours in the winter and how you can compliment them with your own scheme. Naturally the outside does not offer too much in the way of colour, but you have the opportunity to create your own. You can do this with your wedding attire, accessories and props that maybe fun to use such as umbrellas or seasonal outdoor lights. Outdoor lights are a good idea as well. They can be used in the area around where you are having some portrait shots taken and give that lovely blurred circular effect you see in the background of films. It is a good idea to have a few umbrellas to hand incase it does rain, but buy colourful ones to fit with your theme and have fun with. They are plenty of amazing shots of couples that have embraced the rain and had so much fun with filming shots using umbrellas as props. Nice warm colours to consider are reds and yellows that will compliment the colours that are still naturally outside and they will also give a sense of warmth.


This is a key factory to consider - I would always advise to be getting married around midday especially if it is a church wedding. The sun is likely to be setting around 4pm so any group filming or activities you want to do needs to be finished ideally by 3:30pm. It’s not a bad thing the sun sets earlier though as we can use it to an advantage! The more experienced photographers and videographers will be able to bring along a small light or use the venues outside lighting to capture some beautifully atmospheric shots with the background disappearing into the darkness.


When filming your portraits outside it is best to be prepared and bring along some simple aides to keeping you warm. It can make all the difference with how fun the shoot will be for you both - which will always shine through in the final film and photos. It will make the difference between you looking too cold or sporting a Rudolph red nose! Good items to bring are a cosy blanket, hand warmers and some tissues just incase your nose does get a little too cold.


Activities that you or your guests can play with will always give the videographer lovely shots for your wedding film. The more smiles and laughter you can create the better, the last thing you want is just to have multiple shots of people indoors sipping drinks and eating mince pies! It’s not just for the benefit of the wedding film, the more you can get your guests doing, the more fun they will have.


We have now created all the lovely warm festive shots with everyone enjoying themselves… it’s time to introduce some excitement! Sparklers and fireworks! This is where you have one over the summer season, I have had to wait numerous times until midnight to film sparkler exits or shenanigans! Not for you, you can pick any time to have a firework display, get the sparklers out for the kids (as they are not in bed yet) or just have some fun on your own with some bonus portrait shots.

Things to check with your videographer


It is a good idea when looking to book a videographer to check how discrete they are and whether they know how to be aware of your guests. A lot of the day will be spent inside, which means as a videographer you are not always able to get a good distance away from people and film covertly (to get natural shots, not for surveillance!). A good videographer is constantly riding the balance between being close enough to capture the emotion, but far enough away to be discreet.


Make sure you videographer has filmed in dark conditions and inside before, there are quite a few things that can make it difficult. The main issue with dark conditions is having to push your cameras capabilities to brighten up the picture, if videographers don’t have the right lenses this can be an impossible task. Another thing that you don’t want is bright lights following you around, I always pack a small camera light, but I always have it dimmed and check its not infringing on the photographer.

3) KIT

I have touched on kit little bit in regards to lighting and lenses, but batteries is a big factor too. If you are not experienced with filming in cold conditions you will not know that batteries run out much faster, the last thing you want is to miss a key moment from a flat battery!


Each videographer has their own style and way of filming. It is really important to watch their wedding film examples, read their reviews and make sure they have a consistent look to their work.


When you start researching make sure you check that the videographer is credible, there are a few simple boxes they should tick. They should have a good standard of work displayed on their website, a good selection of credible reviews (google for example as they are directly from couples), and ideally be a registered company with public liability insurance.


  • Have a think about having just one venue. This helps with not only saving time with travelling between venues but also it reduces the impact of potential bad weather. Once you and your guests are at the venue you can all relax and enjoy the occasion.

  • Travel time needs to be factored in for everyone - again potentially hazardous weather can create delays.

  • Keep your guests warm! If you can get some warm winter fires burning along with warm festive drinks everyone if going to happy. Not only will you and your guests be warm but you’ll also be happier. During the day you can look to provide a few blankets for people and buy a few funny things to help on the dance floor like slippers, silly wigs and funky outfits the should really dial up the fun factor. Anything you can do to keep people warm will help build a better atmosphere and a more enjoyable day.